Artistate<h3>Supporting professional artists and their estates</h3>


Supporting professional artists and their estates

Complete Solutions

Artistate was designed to provide the best professional advice for artists and artists’ estates. With extensive knowledge built over decades, we draw on our legal, commercial and financial expertise to offer robust, sustainable solutions tailored around the objectives of the artist or their estate.


Artistate provides simple legal, tax and financial solutions tailored for professional artists and their estates. We assist with inventories, valuations, insurance, storage, conservation, the collection of royalties and copyright fees, and the recovery of artworks consigned to third parties. Through its network of associates, Artistate is also able to assist with marketing and sales strategies, communications and reputation management, and relationships with galleries, institutions and and auction houses.

Peace of Mind

Artistate takes care of the practical stuff. Artists and their estates rely on the our professional and commercial expertise to lay the foundations of the artist's legacy.


Our mission is to serve the artistic community by offering, through a panel of experts, services tailored to artists and estates. Together, we draw a path for a lasting legacy and create a road map for those the artist will leave behind.  With that road map, family and friends can take the decisions the artist would have wanted and manage the artistic estate effectively in the long term.

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Artistate's Process

We offer a first consultation to artists and their representative(s) to review the artist or estate’s individual circumstances and explore areas where support is needed. The outcome of the first consultation is generally a menu of action points that the artist or the estate should consider, now or in the future. The fixed fee for the initial consultation is £250. Once the artist or estate has selected the action points they wish to pursue, Artistate's experts provide a fee estimate. You will contract directly with the expert(s) from whom you require services. The experts will invoice you directly for their fees.

Once approved, Artistate supports the artist or estate throughout the process. This includes writing a Will, preparing a comprehensive inventory of the artist’s works, arranging secure storage, recovering artworks consigned to third parties, drawing up a marketing and sales strategy, and many more. Solutions are tailored to the artist’s individual situation.

<h2>Artistate supports:</h2><p>Artists | Artists' families and heirs | Executors of artists' Wills | Trustees of ar

Artistate supports:

Artists | Artists' families and heirs | Executors of artists' Wills | Trustees of artists' estates

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