Artistate Blog

The Artistate Launch Event

October 21st, 2021

Herewith some photos of the Artistate launch event at Cromwell Place on 30 September 2021. It was such a pleasure to inaugurate Artistate at this beautiful venue and in the company of some of London's most esteemed art professionals.

Credits (from left to right respectively)

  1. Pierre Valentin, Piero Tomassi

  2. Julia Toffolo, Keith Graham, and Freda Matassa

  3. Vivienne Roberts and Jon Sharples

  4. Francesca Fiumano, Chris King, and Susan Mumford

  5. Stephanie Camu, Jessica Carlisle, and Rebecca Davies

  6. Freda Matassa, Nicholas Sharp, Julia Toffolo, and Susan Mumford

  7. Mona Yapova and Yasmin Siabi

  8. Camille Beckmann

  9. Louise Hamlin and Lucie Skilton

  10. Laura Neal, Simon Christian, and Chris Nicholson

  11. Richard Wentworth and Catherine Hill