Artistate is a resource designed specifically for artists and their estates. 

We know that artists want to concentrate on their work.  They do not want to deal with professionals such as lawyers and accountants.  Wills, tax returns, corporate structures, form filling and other bureaucratic endeavours are not for them.  Through our professional experts, we provide a range of services that professional artists need in order to maximise the value of their art and, in the long-term, build an enduring legacy.  Managing an artist's estate is like running a business.  You need resources and skills.  If they are not available within the estate, Artistate provides a complete legal, tax and commercial solution. 

Artistate offers a menu of services provided by specialists with years of experience working with artists and artists' estates:

  • Writing a Will

  • Documenting relationships with galleries and museums

  • Employing studio assistants and managers

  • Tax advice and support

  • Creating a corporate structure around a body of works

  • Inventory management

  • Creating and managing an artist's archive

  • Relations with galleries

  • Relations with museums

  • Conservation

  • Valuation

  • Marketing and sales strategy

  • Managing reputation 

  • Strategic communications planning

  • Facilitating brand and website design

  • Logistics and storage

  • Insurance

  • Managing intellectual property rights

  • Collecting royalties

  • Creating a catalogue raisonne

<h2>The Artistate process</h2>

The Artistate process

Artistate maintains long term relationships with clients, getting to know the work of each artist in depth and providing the best professional advice, as and when it is required.

A preliminary consultation allows us to understand the individual circumstances, problems and objectives of the artist or the estate and focus on areas where support is most urgently needed. The initial report will examine the case from multiple viewpoints aiming to flag up potential issues in the long term.

The fixed fee for the initial consultation is £250. Our specialists will help you decide what services you might need now (a Will is an essential first step), later or in the long term. Before doing the work, our specialists will provide a clear fee estimate for each separate task.

Artistate is a gateway to professional advice designed specifically for artists and their estates on a range of topics, from the technical such as the law, accounting, tax and estate planning to the practical such as inventory, archives, storage, technology, catalogues and relationship with galleries, museums and academia.  Artistate does not provide advice.  Our experts do.  After the initial consultation, you will retain our expert(s) directly.  They will invoice you directly for their fees.

Artistate does not assume any responsibility for the advice of our experts.  They are responsible for their own advice.  Lawyers, accountants and tax advisers are regulated professionals who carry professional liability insurance.  Please address any query or complaint directly to them.  Artistate does not endorse the opinion or advice of our experts and do not assume any liability for such opinion or advice.

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