About us


Together, the Artistate founders have over 100 years of experience in working with artists and estates, as well as galleries, museums and academic institutions.

Over time, they have all came across many deserving artists whose legacy was mired in controversy and neglect. Together, they decided to do something about it and created Artistate to provide the best professional advice to artists and artists’ estates.


Our mission is to serve the artistic community by offering services tailored to artists and their estates through a panel of experts.

We are dedicated to supporting artists' planning for the future because, without planning, the oeuvre often disappears when the artist passes away. We believe that it does not have to be that way.  Instead, the oeuvre of talented artists deserves a future lasting decades, if not centuries.

Planning a legacy is like creating a work of art: it requires inspiration, creativity, persistence and determination, but also specialist skills and knowledge that artists may not possess. We offer those skills, as well as an expertise that is tailored to artists, their families and their estates.

You can get in touch with us via email at hello@artistate.co.uk or via our contact form.

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